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  • Master the basic of tool physics including NMR and Dielectric tool
  • Design your own logging programs
  • Build your own robust interpretation models using IP, Techlog and others
  • Create your own saturation height functions, permeability modeling and rock typing for your reservoirs
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Super Petrophysics Vault
Petrophysics notes in one place. Look no more. Forget no more.
Dosh Nazlan
No-Formula Well Log Analysis For Absolute Beginners
Finally! No more confusing formula or expensive software! If you know shapes & colors, then interpreting well logs can't be any simpler than this.
Dosh Nazlan
Supersized LinkedIn
The power steps in growing your connection on LinkedIn and getting anything you want from it.
Dosh Nazlan
Superpetro Heroes
Your career may rocket spontaneously here.
Dosh Nazlan
The Super Petrophysicist (COMING SOON)
Petrophysics --- all in.
Dosh Nazlan

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