" We are not perfect. We are not geniuses. And we fall a lot. "

Yes, you heard it right.

At Super Petrophysics, we realize that we are not perfect; we are not geniuses; and we can't walk without falling.

But here's what we are awesome at: Doing things simply better.

We don't want to be perfect. We just want to be better than we were yesterday.

Having that in mind, we know that we are not geniuses. So we try to keep everything simple. Sometimes, we oversimplify things. When we do that, some people get offended. They cringe.

But, we know what we are doing. Because we learn by doing.

Rather than obsessing on tiny little details, we pay attention to the big pictures. We focus on getting the basics right.

We also learn the most when we get up after each fall. That's why we focus more on doing something, rather than daydreaming of doing it.

The results?

We just do things simply better.

Our notes are simple. Our lectures are short. Our courses are straightforward. We make over 3000 students and clients happy.

If you are cool with that, come and join us.

>> Come on in.