Shale Gas

Basic of Shale Gas Reservoir

1. Comparison between shale gas and conventional gas reservoirs by Click HERE.

2- Unconventional shale gas and oil systems by Dan Jarvie from Worldwide Geochemistry HERE.

3. Shale Gas 101 by US DOE.

Shale Gas Reservoir Evaluations

1- Accessing Shale reservoirs from well logs by Bob Cluff, The Discovery Group Inc HERE.

2. A list of technical papers on specific shale gas reservoirs (Antrim, Barnett etc) by The Discovery Group Inc HERE.

3- How to estimate free gas for organic shales using Density, Neutron, GR, PEF and Resistivity Logs by Matt Holmes, Digital Formation Inc.

4. Calculating porosity and TOC using logs by Matt Holmes, Digital Formations.