Wireline Logging Tools Summary

1- This sheet will definitely make your life easier.

Notes on the basic tool physics of the most common wireline tools summarized on a single page.

You can click HERE to view the note.

(Special Thanks To Railsback's Petroleum Geoscience and Subsurface Geology)


2- What if you don’t have too much time to go over each page of your 1000s of page notes on logging tools?

What if we can have condensed notes on each logging tool in a few pages?

The good news is somebody has done it for us.Click HERE.


3- This is a super awesome and comprehensive summary on modern logging tools created by Matt Hall from Agile Geoscience. It's a quick way of comparing the most common wireline logging tools without having to refer to different notes and references at the same time. Click HERE to access.

4- The complete reference guide for well logs HERE.

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